Issue with CIRCLE_PULL_REQUEST being set when it should not


the CIRCLE_PULL_REQUEST variable is being set despite the pipeline not being a PR pipeline, and not having any open PRs in the project. It points to an old PR that is already merged.

this is messing with my semantic-release job not triggering pipelines because it detects this variable that should not be there at all.

Is there a way to avoid this variable being set at all ? or reset the env somehow so that it doesn’t read this old PR anymore ?

i already tried pushing commits directly to master, merging from a new branch and this variable just keeps showing up in all cases despite not having any open PR.

Hey @guido-martin could you reach out to support with a link to your pipeline which incorrectly applied this environment variable? We’ll need the pipeline to investigate the issue.

in the meantime, see if that same SHA is at all associated with any other existing pull requests, even if not necessarily within the branch you are currently on.

Hi Kyle sorry for the late response i wasn’t on the job last week. The pipeline is for a private repository of a company i don’t think i can share a link :s

About SHA association: how do i check if CIRCLE_SHA value is associated with open pull requests ?

This just started happening for our builds on master here github/DataDog/dd-trace-java/24241/workflows/9fd0c44f-d25d-43a9-b1a5-b18d2af62d04