Is there a way to get to a build from the number (for identifying where cache came from)

Cache restore steps show which build the cache came from, by number. In the old circle UI, you could enter that build number into the URL and get to a specific build quickly.

For example (cache key omitted):

Is there a way to do the same on the new UI? Everything seems scoped under workflows, which aren’t included in that output.

Alternately: It’d be great to have a URL in the screenshotted box above instead that can go directly to the build the cache was generated at, but I’d be happy with something I can hand enter the build number intol.

Hi @CJBridges!

Within the UI you can access a specific build from the Legacy Jobs Page. Essentially though its the following format:<org>/<project>/jobs/657746

So you don’t actually need to visit the legacy jobs page first if you just enter the URL format like the above. When viewing a job from the pipelines view just remove everything after the project name in the URL and then tack on /jobs/<job-number> and it should take you to the build.

Hope that helps!

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