Is there a way to find out which specific orb version has been imported?

I want to specify my orbs by major or major.minor but then when I inspect the readout I’d like to know which version of the orb was specifically imported.

e.g. let’s say I specify

  browser-tools: circleci/browser-tools@1

Today that would import 1.4.3, but tomorrow / next week it might be 1.4.4.
Ideally I would be able to inspect the output someone to find which version was imported.

Is this already possible? (if so how).

Having looked over the ORB development process the answer is likely to be no as.

  • The inclusion of ORBs and their selected version is not output as an entry in the project run report. This makes sense as the config.yml script is processed before the process of spinning up the environment starts. But it does mean there is no visual record of used versions or any data recorded in a run’s artifacts that can be post-processed.

  • A ORB does not itself know what version it is as the version is set via a GIT tag, rather than within the code that defines the ORB, this means there is no way to query the ORB at runtime.

As I am not a staff member I can not say if such a feature is currently on any to-do list or request list, you may want to raise a support ticket to ask for it to be considered. It is also likely that a staff member will see this thread and so they may comment here.