Is there a support for ansible scripts instead of bash deployment scripts?

Hello everybody.
I want to change my bash scripts for deployment to ansible scripts. Is there a support for ansible in Circle and where can I read about .yml configuration for ansible support?

We don’t pre-install Ansible in the containers, but you can install it by adding the following to your circle.yml:

    version: 2.7.10

    - pip install ansible

Please feel free to use the version of Python that works for you (it doesn’t have to be 2.7.10).

After installing Ansible in the container, you should be able to use it as you would normally do that locally:

    - <ansible-command-to-run>

Hope this helps!


This helps! Thanks.

can you please share a circle.yml with the above - so that it will be clear where to locate the code block above?

The above is redundant now @achisolomon - that will be for Circle 1.0, and you need to be using Circle 2.0. Installing Ansible would go in a run step.

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