Is Selenium pre-installed?

I’m trying to run Selenium-based tests.

Circle’s doc mentions having chromedriver available, and indeed it is as I only have to install the Selenium standalone server to get access to a browser.

Yet, it feels weird that I have to install the Selenium standalone server rather than Circle having pre-installed it, especially since chromedriver is pre-installed. But nothing replies on port 4444, which is Selenium’s default…

Is there some command to run to start the Selenium server, or am I actually supposed to install it by myself on every build?

EDIT: Unintentionally posted an irrelevant answer. Sorry for the confusion.

Er… Are you sure this reply was made to the right topic? :sweat_smile:

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You’re totally right, posted this to a wrong topic. Sorry for the confusion.

We indeed don’t preinstall Selenium, but we’ll see if we can package it with the image in one of the next container releases.

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really looking forward to selenium being preinstalled. Or at the very least instructions on how to get circleCI working with