Is Selenium pre-installed?



I’m trying to run Selenium-based tests.

Circle’s doc mentions having chromedriver available, and indeed it is as I only have to install the Selenium standalone server to get access to a browser.

Yet, it feels weird that I have to install the Selenium standalone server rather than Circle having pre-installed it, especially since chromedriver is pre-installed. But nothing replies on port 4444, which is Selenium’s default…

Is there some command to run to start the Selenium server, or am I actually supposed to install it by myself on every build?


EDIT: Unintentionally posted an irrelevant answer. Sorry for the confusion.


Er… Are you sure this reply was made to the right topic? :sweat_smile:


You’re totally right, posted this to a wrong topic. Sorry for the confusion.

We indeed don’t preinstall Selenium, but we’ll see if we can package it with the image in one of the next container releases.


really looking forward to selenium being preinstalled. Or at the very least instructions on how to get circleCI working with