Is it possible to see the API call that triggered a pipeline?

I’ve got some webhooks firing that trigger my CircleCI pipeline, but I can’t tell which webhooks triggered running workflows (they all trigger the same workflow with different params). Is there an easy way to see the contents of the body of the API call? Or should I just log out the API call params in the workflow as a workaround?

Hi @sophiekoonin ,

I believe there is currently no way via the UI or API to check which parameters and their values that were passed in. It is possible however to check if a build was triggered by a vcs webhook or via the api by using the following API endpoint:

I think the workaround you have mentioned would be the best way to go about this. You could simply log out the values of the parameters in a new step in your job, or send them in a Slack notification for example.

If you are interested in finding out the information included in a webhook that is sent to CircleCI from Github, you can find those under the Settings page in your repository.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like clarified, or if you have additional quesitons.

Best Regards