Is it possible to default a non-string job parameter to a pipeline parameter?

I’ve got a pipeline that currently allows the parallelism of a specific job to be configurable via a pipeline parameter. I’d like to have a workflow be able to override this when running the job. When I try to use the pipeline parameter as the default for the job parameter (to be backwards compatible) I get a validation error: Parameter error: default value of parameter 'containers-count' is '<< pipeline.parameters.containers-count >>' (type string): expected type integer. I guess << >> always interpolates as a string?

Any way to force it to interpolate as an integer or switch the type to a string and coerce into an integer when used in the final parallelism field?

    type: integer
    default: 120

        type: integer
        default: << pipeline.parameters.sample-job-containers-count >>
    parallelism: << parameters.containers-count >>

I’ve worked around this by not setting a default on the job property (and using << pipeline.parameters.sample-job-containers-count >> as the value in every job I don’t want to override it for). Which is a poor experience, that’s the point of being able to set a default =/.