iOS UITest loosing connection to simulator

We are running our UI tests through Fastlane on a MacOS machine.
defaults: &defaults
xcode: “10.2.1”
shell: /bin/bash --login -o pipefail

Some tests are consistently loosing connection to the simulator.
Here is a sample log.

✓ testPortfolioScreen_InvestAccount (32.446 seconds)
✓ testPortfolioScreen_RetireAccount (32.886 seconds)
✗ testAddFundingCardScreen_isDisplayed, Lost connection to the     application (pid 6391).
✗ testAddFundingCardWithCompleteUser, Lost connection to the application (pid 6404).
✗ testAddFundingCardWithIncompleteUser, Lost connection to the application (pid 6417).
✗ testWhenAddFundingCard_andCashBackEnrollment_getSignUpStatus, Lost connection to the application (pid 6425).
✗ testWhenAddFundingCard_fails_displaysAlert, Lost connection to the application (pid 6434).
✓ test_whenAutoFundDeeplinkInvoked_autoFundFeedShown (61.751 seconds)
✓ test_whenEnrolledBankRelinkLoginDeeplinkInvoked (34.248 seconds)

We run the same Fastlane job on our local and the tests pass. What is causing this?

Was there a resolution to this? I’m running into the same issue.

Is there any update on the same? I have same issue as well.