iOS builds not building anymore



Starting from two days ago, we can’t have our iOS project to build on CircleCI.
See the last statuses we have:

And a result after a build fails: (The forum prevents me to post more than one image)

After installing the dependencies, it jumps straight to the “Save cache” step and never runs the tests.

Our last working build was on 14.12.2015 at 12:18 UTC (noon). Retrying to build this working build fails. This does not seem to be something we changed.

The dependencies we install did not change:

  • Carthage 0.11
  • xctool 0.2.7
  • swiftgen 0.7.3
  • rubygems 2.5.1
  • bundler 1.11.0

Did you change anything those last days? Maybe it’s the new Xcode 7.2 machine? What changed between the new one and the Xcode 7.1 machine, except Xcode?

Our private project is at

Let me say we are pretty upset by the way you handled this. It’s been two days since the builds fail with a “Circle bug” status. We are paying customers with “Engineering support”. Our support ticket was “resolved” with a pointer to post a message to the community forum.

Can we work together to resolve this? Thanks


4 days that we have this problem and not even an acknowledgment about the problem from CircleCI? Nice… :slight_smile:


I am very sorry about the delay here :disappointed:

As you might have seen, on the failing build pages there is no build output after the Save cache stage—this means the issue showed up during the cache save operation. I looked up the logs for one of the failing builds, and looks like we failed to access one of the directories that were specified for caching.

We perform all the cache saves and restores as the distiller user, so access to everything owned by other users or anything that has restricted access might be denied by the system. This is why we suggest only caching the files in the home folder—even if we can read a file outside of the home folder with the distiller user, the restore operation might fail because the user will not have enough privileges to write to the necessary directories.

In this case, though, the directory that failed to get cached was ~/Library/Caches/org.carthage.CarthageKit. I suppose that the permissions on that directory are too tight, or the owner is not set to distiller. So you could either exclude that directory from caching, or run something like

chown -R distiller ~/Library/Caches/org.carthage.CarthageKit

in the dependencies section of your circle.yml.