Invoking a shell script from config.yml

Hello Team,

I am new to CircleCI and this query is regarding invoke a shell script under config.yml.

Git Repository : GitHub - Gaurav-sen1/magic-pod
Branch : circleci-project-setup

I want to invoke script from the job under config.yml, but i don’t know the right way of doing it.

Kindly help me out for writing the correct config.yml and correct me if any step is missing in config.yml.

Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Sen

Hi @Gaurav-sen1

Welcome to CircleCI!

I noticed the shared link to your GitHub repository is broken.
I suspect this is a private repository then!

I am a support engineer from CircleCI, so I was able to look up your .circleci/config.yml file from the magic-pod project.

:bulb: Tip: it is helpful to share your config (.circleci/config.yml) or some screenshots here in general, so that others can have more context to your problem. As usual, before posting any content, make sure you are not revealing any secrets or private information you are not willing to share :nerd_face:

I believe this script is from the repository itself, so you’d just need to do a checkout step before running the script!

     - checkout
     - run:
         name: Magic Pod E2E test
         command: bash

Hope this helps!