Intermittent selenium failures

Hey all. I’m having intermittent build issues that consistently succeed locally. We had our master build (#2516) succeeds but rebuild (#2524) fails (without cache clear or any changes). The failures are only on our js-driven feature specs, the others succeed consistently for both Circle and dev.

Error: “Net::ReadTimeout”

Partial Stack:

  • Rails 4.1.4
  • RSpec 3.0
  • Capybara (2.4.1, 2.5, and master)
  • selenium-webdriver 2.45.0

Fix attempts:

  • I’ve tried updating capybara and/or selenium
  • Revert the first merge we noticed the errors on
  • Clearing cache with rebuild
  • Updating our dev group and/or test group gems

As stated, master succeeds locally.
This started happening Monday 10/19.

Any help is hugely appreciated!

Ended up solving this one. It’s partially due to an error on our part and partially due to a selenium bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. visit /path/to/page
  2. alert(“whatever”)
    {don’t close it}
  3. call visit /path/to/page again

Any subsequent pages selenium loads will still have the alert box open, thus most matchers will break.

Thanks for posting the solution here, we really appreciate that. And sorry for not being that helpful in this case.