Integrating CircleCI with AWS Device Farm

I am currently working on the POC for the same using my Appium automation framework.
I have been able to generate an Android build successfully in CircleCI and run my automated test cases using AWS Device Farm separately.
Now, I am working on to integrate the two in order to achieve end to end validation of mobile application. Please help with info to support and guide me through the integration. Thanks!

This is a rather broad question, to the degree that a book could be written in reply. It is probably better if you narrow down the question, and then ask a question on what you are stuck on.

To get to that point, I suggest you look at the docs for AWS Device Farm and see how it works. My guess is that you transmit your Android build to an AWS file system, and then call a test endpoint, and then poll an API to check on progress. You can probably do this via curl or similar, but the docs will help you there. Finally you can probably download a test report, which you can declare as a CircleCI artefact.

Give it a go? :smiley_cat:

Are you able to schedule your AWS DF test runs from command line locally?

Once DF is working from command line from your machine, you can try the same on CircleCi next. I’m curious about this. Please keep us updated with the result.

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