Install Code Signing Credentials fails


After uploading a .mobileprovision into the project settings, Circle 1.0 fails in the Install Code Signing Credentials section

Dumped code signing settings from the current project to the build artifacts.
Created and unlocked circle.keychain (the password is 'circle').
1 key imported.
Found 1 provisioning profile in the project settings.

((security cms -D -i "'/Users/distiller/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/335cc38c-64d9-495a-8b3e-385a97a98df0.mobileprovision'" > "/var/folders/42/bp51_0vn1kv6lqhv0wmfjrqw0000gn/T/circle-XXXX.O6Ey3Y3q")) returned exit code 1

Action failed: Install Code Signing Credentials

If I don’t upload the .mobileprovision inside of the circle project settings, I get the

No iOS profile matching xxxx found: Xcode couldn't find a profile matching xxx

message. Using fastlane and gym inside fastlane file