Increase 4g memory limit


Hello, guys.

Is there any chance to increase this limit? I remember one day i saw the notification somewhere on the website about it.

I started to receive failures about 4g limit quite often.



There are a number of reasons the builds could running out of memory. If this is a OSS project, can you provide a build URL? If it is a closed project can you reach out to support so we can take a look?


Me too! My test environment requires Apache Spark and the minimum requirement is 8G.

It is an OSS project:


Hi, sorry for so late reply.
About the project: it’s android project, i’m using CircleCI to execute instrumentation and unit tests, plus some code checks. So it’s kinda heavy because of running emulator. Here’s the link
Later It looked like it was fixed, i just removed one code check task and it seemed working fine. But now it’s happening again.
Is there any chance to increase that memory limit?
I really enjoy using CircleCI and i’d like to keep using it, but all this thing about restarting builds over and over to make them finish is very frustrating.


At this time we can only increase the memory limit for paid plans. If you are able to upgrade, even to the lowest one, and open a support ticket we can boost the limit for you.


Very sad news.

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