Inconsistency with VNC localdomain configuration

Hello CircleCI community,

I believe I found an inconsistency with certain build images.

We have Selenium tests that connect to Firefox via VNC (tightvncserver Ubuntu package).

In the attached image you can see the difference of .localdomain. When that value is NOT there then Selenium will not be able to connect to Firefox. Around one in four builds do not get the .localdomain part and those builds would fail. From the first glance it looks like some containers are misconfigured or are different.

Here are some examples:

Working “boxes”:

box2 is fine:
box165 is fine:
box154 is fine:
box26 is fine:
box1576 is fine:
box838 is fine:

box183 is not configured properly:
It gave me New 'X' desktop is box183:1 which is missing the .localdomain bit.

I checked /etc/hosts in all of these and configuration seems okay.

cat /etc/hosts localhost box183 box183.localdomain