How to write a great bug report


Ugg, bug reports. We all hate them, but without them things just won’t get fixed.

Writing a good bug report helps CircleCi troublshoot and solve things faster, which gets us all back to what we really want to be doing, making more bugs writing code!

When writing a helpful bug report it is recommended that you include the following information:

  • The build url (if public), or the relevant section of circle.yml

  • Exact error message (screen shots if it’s a visual bug)

  • Are you aware of anything that changed since the build last passed?

  • When the bug first occurred (if known, this helps staff in knowing if something changed on their side)

  • What happens when you run the tests locally

If you are having a bug that is already reported, please :hearts: the bug and only comment if you have additional information to help track it down or solve it.


Thank you very much for writing this!



This is amazing, thank yo so much!