How to use Jira Notifier on multiple builds

I am trying to setup jira notifier to report a failure if any of 3 parallel builds fails.

I have something like:

  version: 2
      - build:
          name: build-dev
          environment: "dev"
      - linter:
          name: linter-dev
          environment: "dev"
      - otherbuild:
          name: other-build-dev
          environment: "dev"

I’d like to have notifier postep to report a failure in jira if any of those 3 fails.

            - jira/notify:
                environment: DEV
                environment_type: development
                job_type: build

I tried to do a placeholder job that requires all the 3 above but that is not executed if any of those 3 fails.
If I add the post-step to any of the 3 will work.


You can use on_fail which will only trigger when there is a failure which you can use with the jira notify so that it sends a different message when there is a failure on any of the concurrent builds.

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver