How to trigger circleci serverless.ts which is located in a sub-directory let's say /apps/api/work/

I’'m new in the circleci can you people please help me, I’m having typescript mono-repo and I want to deploy serverless from a specific path let say /apps/api/work/serverless.ts but in circleci it is giving an error stating

Cannot find “/home/circleci/apps/api/work/serverless.ts” in service folder
Please help.
even i have tried with
sudo sls deploy --stage=dev --verbose --config ~/apps/api/work/serverless.ts but still giving same error

I’m trying to build and deploy serverless.ts from /home/circleci/apps/api/work/serverless.ts path.

Not quite familiar with what you’re trying to do, but if you could post your config, or at least the section in question, it would be helpful