How to list workflows, in API v1.1?

api/v1.1/projects gives me a list of all projects I follow. For each project, it lists branches. For each branch, it shows the most recent workflow run, and all the jobs in that run.

But I can’t find anything in the documentation for how to list older workflows, before the most recent one on a branch. Ideally, all workflows in a project, which I could then inspect further if I wanted.

I can get details about a specific run of a specific job with v1.1/project/github/USER/REPONAME/BUILDNUM/, but if I leave the build number off and just try to list v1.1/project/github/USER/REPONAME/ I get a blank result.

What I’m looking for is similar to what v1.1/projects gives me, except instead of just the most recent workflow run for each branch, I want all past runs. How can I get that from the API?

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