How to handle no_output_timeout in Orb command?

The run step has a no_output_timeout key to control the elapsed time the command can run without output.

Most Orb commands wrap run. Is the intent that all of these Orb commands implement their own no_output_timeout pass-through? Ideally this seems like something every Orb command would not repeat.

If the orb does not already have a parameter for this, it may not yet have been a concern. The way to handle this in an orb is to “pass through” the parameter.

You can see here in the Python Orb’s install-packages command, we “pass through” no_output_timeout.

Thanks Kyle. Just wanted to make sure the intended design is for each Orb command to have its own no_output_timeout parameter (if the command may be long running). I had seen some other Orbs doing this but I wasn’t sure if it was out-of-model.

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