How to get Android APK install link in email using Circle Ci



I was using Buddybuild CI/CD for my project. As buddybuild will not support Android from 1st march, we are switching our project to Circle Ci. In Circle Ci, we have to create YML file and push the code. It will trigger the APK. That APK is stored in the Circle Ci dashboard only. From there, We can download and send it to mail. I want continuous deployment in my mail like Buddybuild, rather than I manually mail it to everyone.

Once again, I need an Install build of different flavours in my Email, rather than I manually send it to everyone from Circle Ci dashboard.

The YML file that I used is as follows:

    version: 2
    working_directory: ~/code
      - image: circleci/android:api-26-alpha
      JVM_OPTS: -Xmx4608m
            - master
            - staging
            - develop
      - checkout
      - restore_cache:
          key: jars-{{ checksum "build.gradle" }}-{{ checksum  "app/build.gradle" }}
      - run:
          name: Download Dependencies
          command: ./gradlew androidDependencies
      - save_cache:
            - ~/.gradle
          key: jars-{{ checksum "build.gradle" }}-{{ checksum  "app/build.gradle" }}
      - run:
          name: Run Tests
          command: ./gradlew lint test
      - store_test_results:
                path: app/build/test-results
                destination: test-results/
      - run:
          name: Initial build
          command: ./gradlew clean assembleRelease --no-daemon --stacktrace
      - store_artifacts:
          path: app/build/outputs/apk/
          destination: apks/

Thanks for any help in advance