How to expand storage space of build environment


Dear community members,

I encountered the problem about out of disk space while building on circle ci. I’m using Ubuntu virtual machine and docker-compose on it. Currently 100Gb storage is attached on virtual machine and I’d like to expand this storage space. Is there a way to expand storage space for Ubuntu virtual machine of circle ci?


Lordy! What’s your use case? That’s a lot of storage, I dread to think how long your build process requires, to make use of all of that data!


My use case is large system building and it requires about 150GB storage space and 32GB swap.


You could self-host as an enterprise customer.

Alternatively you could get a VPS elsewhere (with the disk space you need) and set it up as a network drive over an encrypted link. That would be quite slow by default, but you could then ask CircleCI where their build machines are, so you can choose a VPS location that is geographically as close as possible to Circle’s infrastructure.

I don’t know how that’d perform, and to be honest it sounds like the enterprise route would be best.