How to disable the default nosetests?

As we’re using tox and python’s build-in unittest framework, the tests runs twice. Once by nosetests and another time by tox.

According to the docs CircleCi will automatically find and runs nosetest, but we dont have any physical file named as

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

For most phases in circle.yml, using override will override CircleCI’s inference commands in favor of your own.

So something like:

    - my test command

would run your own test commands and tell CircleCI not to run anything on its own for that phase. More information:

Hahaha I just came back with a quick fix to update this post! I guess I’m right, @FelicianoTech thanks! :slight_smile:

This worked for me:

    - pyenv global 3.5.2
    - tox
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