How to configure CircleCI for monolithic repo setup with mixed tech stack

Hi - I was looking for a tutorial and general confirmation that CircleCI supports monolithic repositories… ?? We have one github repo that has multiple projects and tech stacks. There is golang microservices (3 of them with separate dependencies and 2 depend on a common security service internally also), node.js api, node/react/UI app. Can someone suggest how to setup this entire environment for automated testing. We want it all version controlled together to ensure service interoperability, but also want to auto test each piece separately unit wise and all together. So our CircleCI env cannot choose one language/stack like most examples have.

Yes, anything you can do on a Linux box, you can do with CircleCI.

Your question is rather too broad to be answerable, except perhaps in very general terms. I wonder if running Docker Compose to bring up all your services would work for you (I use it for my own microservice projects). The problem with mono-repos is that it’s harder to control what you want to trigger on push (unit tests? functional/integration tests?) so you may find it is best to just run everything (at least in the first cut).

But to get started, I’d suggest you write the shortest possible YAML config to run a single test for one project, and then build from there.

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