How can I store my HTML results in circleci artifacts or Tests tab?

here’s my config.yml:

# to use orbs, must use version >= 2.1
version: 2.1
  # import Cypress orb by specifying an exact version x.y.z
  # or the latest version 1.x.x using "@1" syntax
  cypress: cypress-io/cypress@1
      # "cypress" is the name of the imported orb
      # "run" is the name of the job defined in Cypress orb
      - cypress/run:
          command: npm run pretest && npm run test
          # always store any test screenshots and videos
          store_artifacts: true
            - store_test_results:
                path: cypress/reports

here’s the circleci build url:

I just want to provide the HTML report generated after cypress tests in circleci.