How can I retrieve a list of cache keys?

I found that there’s an API endpoint to delete build caches in the documentation. The top of the document mentions that it supports both 1.0 and 2.0, however as caches are immutable in 2.0 I suspect that it’s a generic statement and the build cache section needs updating to state that it only applies to 1.0.

My question, however, is how can I retrieve a list of all the cache keys for a specific project? Ideally with when it was created too. Hoping for maybe an undocumented response, a GET request on that same endpoint didn’t return a result. Any other ways to achieve this other than iterating through all build logs looking for the entries where a cache was successfully saved? Which, I don’t even know is possible yet, and would very much be the long way around.

I am not aware of one, I agree it would be a good feature.

As a (ropey) workaround, consider this. Firstly, contact CircleCI and ask them to clear all your caches - I expect that they have to have some way of doing this. Secondly, when you create a key, push it to an external service (e.g. a private BitBucket repo) from where you can retrieve a list of them.

It’s a bit hacky, but it’d work. My experience of all hosted services where there is a missing feature is to try to work around it, rather than to put things on-hold until it is implemented.

Of course, check the ideas list and add your idea as well, if it is not in there.



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I just pondered that the Git tagging system could be used for this. Writing a key would be as easy as:

git clone myrepo &&
    git tag -a $CACHE_KEY -m "Here is a cache key" &&
    git push --tags

To get your keys:

git clone myrepo &&
    git tag

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