How can I remove an old branch

There is a branch that I have deleted from Github, but it is still showing up in circle ci dashboard.
Is there a way I can stop if from showing up. I imagine this has something to do with the fact the the branch is un-merged, even though it has been removed from github
Any ideas?


Unfortunately there is no good way to do this via the UI, we can take care of it for you in support if you let us know the project/branch that you want removed!

awesome thanks Lev

hi lev, can you delete all branches in dwenaus/retreatguru except for develop and master?

Are there any plans to make removing branches in the UI available? We use Git Flow, so we create and delete a lot of branches. It’s not going to be reasonable for us to contact support every time we add a new feature, release a new version or hotfix our code.


Makes perfect sense, again the branches typically are removed, but periodically there are problems with the hooks from GitHub. I agree it would be great to be able to do this via the UI.

Could you make this a feature request here on Discuss, this will help us get some visibility around the issue?

Should be good now!

Done, post is available here.


Is there a way to do it via the CircleCi API?

What will happen when i will create a branch with the same name?

Any update on this matter, it is becoming quite frustrating.

It feels like there is a 60% chance (maybe more) that a branch will not be deleted from CircleCI after it was deleted from github.

Be sure to click on the heart under the feature request to add your official support for this feature request! Any updates to this request will be posted under that topic and not this one.

No problem but what about my question? via the circleci api

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Any update?

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For anyone who might still need this (though this is not a real solution), if your branch failed to you delete, you can try to track down the web hook delivery to CircleCI from Github for your repository: and then redeliver the request to CircleCI.

A far easier workaround (especially if it’s been a while) is to go to the list of branches ( search for your branch, recreate it, cancel the build on CircleCI, and then delete the branch again.

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We have dozens of such zombie branches.
None of the workarounds described here are acceptable.

Please get this fixed!

Me too, there are branches that looks annoy in the UI.

Hi everyone! If you haven’t yet, please vote on this functionality on this Idea post.

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