`heroku` CLI failing




We are getting the following message when running heroku create in our Circle environment which is preventing all builds across our entire infrastructure from failing:

heroku create -a ft-next-si-branch-831af31 --region us --org financial-times --no-remote exited with exit code 2
Error:  ▸    Unexpected flag: --org

The version of the CLI you have installed on the boxes is:

heroku-toolbelt/3.42.29 (x86_64-darwin10.8.0) ruby/1.9.3
heroku-cli/4.27.11-7569c5d (amd64-linux) go1.5.2

We cannot tell if you have updated the version of the CLI in your environments today. Can you please advise if anything has changed and if we need to downgrade/upgrade the version of the CLI manually.

We have also contacted Heroku for advise on the issue.

Kind regards,

Patrick Hamann


We have identified this issue as an bug in Heroku’s CLI release last night and have raised a PR for them to release. Therefore am closing this issue.


Thank you! Someone from Heroku reached out to us and we are going to roll their update into an image update soon. Thanks for your patience!

closed #5