Having trouble deploying to digitalocean from circleci

I’m very new to circleci and attempting to deploy an application to digital ocean.
I want to ssh into the digital ocean machine and then run a deploy script.
I’ve tried running a number of different things, but can’t get any to work.
Here is my most recent config:

version: 2
jobs: # A basic unit of work in a run
  build: # runs not using Workflows must have a `build` job as entry point 
    # directory where steps are run
    working_directory: ~/gitrepos
    docker: # run the steps with Docker
      # CircleCI Python images available at: https://hub.docker.com/r/circleci/python/
      - image: circleci/python:3.6.9
        environment: # environment variables for primary container
          TEST_VAR: hello
    steps: # steps that comprise the `build` job
      - checkout # check out source code to working directory
      - run:
          command: |
            sudo pip install virtualenv
            sudo python3 -m venv virt
            source virt/bin/activate
            sudo pip install -r Fish/requirements.txt
    machine: true
      - add_ssh_key:
        fingerprints: "my:super:cool:fingerprint"
      - run: ssh root@$my.ip.address "./deploy.sh"

  version: 2
      - build
      - deploy:
            - build
              only: master

this produces the following error:

Build-agent version 1.0.34446-05905e76 (2020-06-16T11:27:30+0000)

Configuration errors: 1 error occurred:

* Error migrating config to version 2: 1 error occurred:

* in job 'deploy': step was not in the right format (unable to find step's name/details)

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @www.alexwallish.com,

Welcome to the CircleCI community!

I suspect the issue stems from an incorrect syntax. Please try with the following:

    machine: true
      - add_ssh_key:
            - "my:super:cool:fingerprint"
      - run: ssh root@$my.ip.address "./deploy.sh"

You can also refer to the Adding an SSH Key to CircleCI” documentation