Gradle Download Failing For Hours - Happened Again Today

I posted this issue here last year (details below) and it seems to crop up every few months still. Breaks builds in the morning, works in the afternoon. Does this happen to anyone else? Is it worth caching this file?

Today we’ve been experiencing a timeout downloading this file:

Downloading file directly completes successfully and quickly.

Any suggestions?


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We’ve a had this happen quite a few days. For anyone else hitting this issue, we are now so are hosting the file ourselves as a workaround.

We are facing the same issue. Suddenly nightlies start failing when downloading Gradle dependencies. We are investigating with no solution so far.

We have this issue daily. The workaround together with increasing timeout didn’t improve the situation. A support ticket has been raised but the response was in short ‘it is working now’ but we have hit it again today.