GOPATH is set to multiple directories

GOPATH is currently set to /home/ubuntu/.go_workspace:/usr/local/go_workspace

This makes it impossible to reference tools in $GOPATH/bin

/usr/local/go_workspace does not actually exist either.

Can GOPATH be limited to a single directory?

Won’t be replying with a solution. But I can offer some insights.

Circle uses a funky Go setup. They keep the checked out branch separate (~/.go_project) from all dependencies (~/.go_workspace). And I’m not sure what the /usr/local/go_workspace is used for.

The reason for this separation is probably because of caching. Which is actually a problem I have (by default they do go get, without -u). So whenever a non-vendored dependency changes, I need to “build without cache”.

GOPATH is actually a PATH directive, so they are conform specification. However not all tools or conventions work well with that.

I’m hoping CircleCI steps up it’s game to better support Go!

We ended up just replacing GOPATH variable and setting up as follows:


    GOPATH: $HOME/.go_project
    PATH: $PATH:$HOME/.go_workspace/bin

    - mkdir -p $HOME/download
    - test -e $HOME/download/go1.7.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz || curl -o $HOME/download/go1.7.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz
    - sudo rm -rf /usr/local/go
    - sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf $HOME/download/go1.7.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz
      - echo 'export GOPATH=$HOME/.go_project' >> ~/.circlerc
      - cd $HOME/.go_project/src/$CIRCLE_PROJECT_REPONAME && go get -t -d -v ./...


This does not work anymore. It would be really good if CircleCI would simply use one path, which is the recommended approach anyway.

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