Global job configurations in CircleCI 2.0?


We’re gearing up to start using 2.0 for many of our development projects. Most of these are Maven projects that have largely the same build/deployment steps.
Rather than repeating the same job configuration within config.yml files across all of these projects, we’d prefer to have some sort of import/reference notation we could use that would then pull in a “global” job configuration (e.g. in each project’s config.yml we’d have something like “@import global_config.yml” in the builds section). This way, if we ever need to change up the way we’re building these projects, we change it in one place and all projects simply pick up that change on their next build.
Is this possible today? Anyone else dealing with something similar and, if so, how are you working around this?


This is a new feature.

Or if you want to stick to existing features, you could do it in this manual way.


Rock on! I’ll wait for the 2.1 release. Thank you!


No worries! From that post, I think it is available to try immediately. I’ve not tried those things myself yet, it’s on the to-do list…


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