GitLab only in configuration

In the configuration settings in a project, I want to create a configuration with GitHub, but there is only GitLab and GitLab Self-managed in the Configuration source option.

@romw314 sorry for the confusion, that support is coming very shortly (hopefully in the next couple of weeks).

Until then, if you navigate to “Triggers” in Project Settings, you can create a GitHub trigger and the configuration file that is present in the repository that you specify will be used. If that doesn’t work for you because you don’t have any configuration sources for GitHub, you can navigate directly to:<orgID>/<projectID>/triggers/add (replace with the organization ID from Organization Settings and replace with the project ID from Project Settings).

This part of the settings is actively being cleaned up to avoid this manual workaround, apologies for that.

Ok, I’ll try it today. Please comment here when it’s normally possible.

Thanks, but doing that shows me an Infinite loading screen.

There is another workaround:

  1. Add a new GitLab configuration from any repository.
  2. Add the GitHub App trigger.
  3. Remove the GitLab configuration.

Strange, that is working on my end. I’m not seeing an infinite loading screen. Glad you got the other workaround, sorry about that.

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