Github/Heroku integration problems - Your account no longer has access



One of the former engineers on my team set up our Github/Heroku/CircleCI integrations, so that commits into master would automatically run on CircleCI and deploy to Heroku if successful. However, he doesn’t work on the team any longer, and after I removed him from the repo and settings for all of these, I get this error from CircleCI whenever I use Github to merge into master.

Uh-oh, this build did not succeed.
Author	{{Me}}
Build	{{Build}}
Branch	master


For more detailed failure reports, use JUnit XML formatting.
Failing command: git push{{the_repo}}.git $CIRCLE_SHA1:master 
Exit code: 128 
Warning: Permanently added ',{{ip}}' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.

 !  Your account {{email of former dev}} does not have access to {{the_repo}}.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out where the Github<->Heroku<->CircleCI integrations are defined and how to fix the settings for this, so that everything can work again.

Any suggestions on what settings I need to fix, and where?


It looks like you need to update the Heroku token. You should be able to do it from this page: using your own user account.