Git commit differences when pushing a commit vs a tag

Hi all,

I have a project configured such that when I push commits to the github repo, it will run a build that does some tests.

Further, if I push a specifically-formatted tag to my repo, Circle will run another job to do a build and deploy (to staging, production).

My issue is that I’m now trying to use the circleci/jira orb to alert Jira of my deploys, and I’m finding that the notification works correctly in the normal commit case, but not when I push a tag.

The failure message says that it couldn’t find any issue keys (which it normally finds via regex in the commit messages), so it seems to me that when pushing a tag, the commit messages must not be available to the orb.

Anyone have any further info on this or what I can do to work around it? Thanks in advance!


Hi @stephenryanlee! Welcome to the CircleCI community!

The behaviour you’re reporting is something we’re aware of (Jira tickets not detected on tag releases · Issue #58 · CircleCI-Public/jira-connect-orb · GitHub), and we’re currently working at updating our Jira orb to ensure it works whether commits or tags are pushed.

You can follow our progress on this update via this GitHub pull-request (Transition to v2 api for jira number extraction. by gmemstr · Pull Request #61 · CircleCI-Public/jira-connect-orb · GitHub).

Let me know if you have any further question.

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Great, thanks @yannCI!

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