Getting timeout error during Selenium Test Suite Execution

I am trying to run Selenium Test Suite to test few pages of my application. I am using a custom docker image by installing chrome and chromedriver on it. After some 25 min of execution its getting failed with time acceded message as below.

Starting ChromeDriver 2.27 (undefined) on port 24449
Remote connections are allowed by a whitelist (localhost).
Too long with no output (exceeded 10m0s)

I have gone through related topics posted on this forum but solution provided there is not working. Could anyone tell what is the problem here.

(1) During this time, is Selenium working?

(2) Is that error from your local driver or Selenium server logs?

(3) Please post more of your Selenium server logs (e.g. the last 40 lines) here, in a formatted block.

(4) I would also suggest getting an SSH session on your failing build and making a simple Selenium request after this error, in case the server has crashed.

(5) Is Selenium in a secondary container, or installed on the primary/build container?

(1) Yes during this time Selenium was working.
(2) Not sure, but this error I can see during job execution in CircleCI console.
(3) Logs are attached below
(4) We are not using any Selenium server, our java code internally uses Selenium API.
(5) Again, there is no server for Selenium I am only using single container with chrome browser and chrome driver installed.

Ooh, righto. What does this error mean, then?

I assumed this was your Selenium client trying (and failing) to connect to Selenium server. If you are using Selenium in a self-contained fashion, what thing is trying to connect to what other thing?

Is the site under test trying to make an AJAX call to a hardwired external URL, for example?

Halfer, I have attached logs just now.

Remote connections are allowed by a whitelist (localhost).
This is not an error

OK, that’s a start, though logs/exceptions are text, and are best supplied as text. Read this to understand why.

What code is the waiting happening on? I wonder if the blocking code is on your side, rather than in the listener or ChromeDriver.

Got the solution for it. Simply added below line to my selenium job steps and its working like charm :slight_smile:
no_output_timeout: 1h

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Hmm, okay. Does that mean it will exceed 10m for a single operation? I wonder if that particular step needs debugging - does it get stuck in the same place every time?

What is the total run time of this build?

Yes, it was exceeding 10m hence getting timed out. It didn’t get stuck anywhere after that. Total time it took is 35 min.

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