Getting "No Tests" error, asked to create circle.yml, did that but it's still not working

I am a new user. I signed up using my Github account, however, I received “No tests” error. I went through the user manual and it suggested to create a “circle.yml” file, I did that but I am still getting the same error.
Please advise ASAP as I need to go complete a job interview test in CircleCi.

I’m not seeing a circle.yml file, I only see a repo named circle.yml.

There’s a change I’m looking at the wrong repo though. Can you link the file, or is this a private repo?

I am pretty new to the environment…I was asked to create a file in Github and then link Github account to CircleCi.
I am on Macbook Pro, not sure if it has something to do with the error.
I have attached a screen shot below.

Yes, it it telling you to create a file named circle.yml.

The only file your GitHub project contains right now is the file.

The circle.yml file is sometimes required to tell tell CircleCi how to run the tests and build settings for your project.

In some cases it’s not needed, but as I don’t see any source code in your GitHub project it’s somewhat hard for me to further assist.

Hi drazisil, thank you for your help so far.
Do you see circle.yml file now?

It looks like you created an empty file named circle.yml in your Hello repository.

The circle.yml repository is the one you have CircleCi trying to build though.

Can you please check it once?

I see that you now have a circle.yml file, but you are getting another error as it is not valid YML as per