First test always fails no matter what the test is

Hi, I am running machine executor, starting up my application using docker-compose, then running E2E tests in cypress that are not in docker against this app. Cypress basically spins up a headless browser and tries to hit the specified url.
Now, no matter what my first test always fails. I have created 10 tests that just hit the root url and click a button. I have those tests run first. First one always fails.

The error is

CypressError: cy.visit() failed trying to load:


Which basically means there was no response or a 4-500

—End Edit—

I though the app might not be ready yet, so I added a sleep before starting tests. I set that to 9 minutes ( 10 minutes times out on circleci ). First test failed. I ratcheted that down to 2 minutes. First test fails.
I don’t understand what is going on here. Again to be clear, the first 10 tests are the same, so it’s not test specific.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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