Fastlane install fails



gem install fastlane --verbose
fails because of a circular dependency error, this wasn’t an issue for the last few weeks. Any workarounds for this? I haven’t added any components to the circle file before this.

output log:

    200 OK
    200 OK
    Getting SRV record failed: DNS result has no information for
    200 OK
    200 OK
    200 OK
    200 OK
    ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::Resolver::Molinillo::CircularDependencyError)
        There is a circular dependency between credentials_manager and fastlane

gem install fastlane --verbose returned exit code 1

Action failed: gem install fastlane --verbose



Just wondering, what version of credentials_manager are you using? I just noticed that all versions of 0.16.x were yanked from RubyGems and I wonder if this is related.


I got the same error starting last night and was using 0.16.2


I’m using 0.16.2, which is the default for the machine because I haven’t set it up as a dependency on my circle file.


This is being tracked by Fastlane here

It looks like they may have a workaround as well.

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