Failed docker build with RUN mkdir in Dockerfile




my builds started failing a few hours ago with:

Step 1 : FROM node:8.1.2
8.1.2: Pulling from library/node
Status: Downloaded newer image for node:8.1.2
 ---> b2269df5e957
Step 2 : RUN mkdir /opt/app
 ---> Running in 40883610f7ff
The command '/bin/sh -c mkdir /opt/app' returned a non-zero code: 255

Please help me find a way to fix that.


Thanks for reporting this - we’re aware of an issue affecting Docker on CircleCI 1.0. We’re investigating and will update as soon as we know more.


We’ve identified the issue with Docker on CircleCI 1.0 and are rolling out a fix. I’ll update when it’s fully rolled out.


Thanks! I’ll be waiting!


The fix has now been rolled out. Please let us know if you see issues with new builds.


Builds are green now, thanks for the help!