Error: unrecognized arguments: --junitxtml=test-results/junit.xtml

I would like to run my test suite and get report for it. I used this command for it on my circleci config.yaml file:
python3 -m pytest --junitxtml=test-results/junit.xtml -m "functional"

I would like to know what I did wrong and what should be changed?
I also added pytest.ini file with markers, but it look like it doesn’t see it

Hi @ira_lavrinok

Thanks for sharing your command ran on CircleCI.

It seems perhaps there is a typo in the junit option; It should be --junitxml, as per Pytest documentation

- python3 -m pytest --junixtml=test-results/junit.xtml -m "functional"
+ python3 -m pytest --junitxml=test-results/junit.xtml -m "functional"

Can you try the above, and see if it resolves for you? :slight_smile:

@kelvintaywl thank u!
Actually, that was so dumb to missed it :confused:

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@ira_lavrinok no worries, that can happen to the best of us! I’m glad that resolved the issue for you :grin:

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