ERROR: InvalidParameterValueError - No Application Version named 'xxxx' found

Hi I am using aws and bitbucket to deploy the repo to the aws server I have created a IAM and elastic beanstack environment on the aws and installed the eb cli on my local machine.

When I push the code to the git I get the prPreformatted textofile eb cli does not exist when I remove the profile from the config.yml from the .elasticbeanstalk folder I get ERROR: InvalidParameterValueError - No Application Version named ‘app-498c-190326_103618’ found. But if I do eb deploy --debug on my local machine I get New application version was deployed to running EC2 instances.But the build failed on the circle ci
this is my config.yml

version: 2
working_directory: ~/public
- image: circleci/php:7.2.6-zts-stretch
- checkout

  - run:
      name: Installing deployment dependencies
      working_directory: /
      command: |
        sudo apt-get -y -qq update
        sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential
        sudo pip install --upgrade setuptools
        sudo pip install awsebcli --upgrade

  - run:
      name: Deploying
      command: eb deploy MasterTourbot-env

version: 2
- deploy:
- staging
- master

I can see the version that failed on the [Application versions] in the elastic bean stack in the aws.
Also can you guys tell me how do we deploy the changes from elastic bean stack to the aws ec2 instance,