Episode 4 of Open Circle Sessions on Thu May 14, win SONY WH-1000XM3!

Open Circle Sessions enable CircleCI community members to interact directly with CircleCI teams and employees to discuss all things CircleCI. It’s an opportunity for the community to learn the latest and greatest in the CircleCI universe, and also serves as a continuous feedback loop between the community and CircleCI.

In this edition of Open Circle we’re going to discuss recently introduced Matrix Jobs. Matrix jobs allow developers to write simple configurations for complicated software by taking a single parameterized job and running it multiple times with different combinations of values for the parameters. For example, running the same tests on three operating systems and three node versions previously would have required configuring nine separate jobs, now it only requires one.

We’ll also have an informal question & answer session where attendees can verbally ask their questions and interact with the CircleCI team LIVE!

REGISTER HERE, and attend for a CHANCE TO WIN SONY WH-1000XM3!!!

For those who missed the session, you can view it on YouTube! Feel free to post any questions here for myself, @punkdata, or @AlexEngelberg!