Entrypoint script not executed with docker image

I have built a docker image myself, when running docker image locally, things seem to be working fine, but circleci doesn’t seem to pick it up.

I have set my executor to docker

      - image: some image

the image’s entrypoint is starting a bunch of services. While on circle ci, I do have everything I installed on docker, but the services that’s supposed to be started by entrypoint doesn’t seem to be running.

I also tried specifying entrypoint, still doesn’t seem to be working

      - image: some entry point
        entrypoint: /docker-start.sh

I was wondering, how can I enforce those services running when executing test command? What exactly does circleci do when executing with docker image.


It seems to be working now after adding that entrypoint. Now things are running. Still wasn’t clear if I need to specify entrypoint myself. Also, like if it’s executing inside the docker image or outside.