Early Preview - New Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Machine Executor image


We are pleased to share that we have a new Ubuntu 20.04 machine executor image available for preview. This image is already accessible on CircleCI, but is considered unstable for the duration of the early preview. In other words, until the early preview period is over, breaking changes may be made to the image to fix issues discovered. After that, we will officially announce the release of the image. (Note: This post is a similar announcement to the post made in the Ecosystem category, [Early Preview] New Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Machine Executor image)

To try out the new image, specify the image name ubuntu-2004:202008-01 in your .circleci/config.yml configuration:

  image: ubuntu-2004:202008-01

The ubuntu-2004:202008-01 image is similar to the existing ubuntu-1604:202007-01 image but it is based on Ubuntu 20.04 instead of Ubuntu 16.04, and contains updates to software installed on the image. Notably, it has aws-cli v2 installed, rather than aws-cli v1, and OpenJDK 11 is the default instead of OpenJDK 8.

Here is a list of the major software installed on the image:

aws-cli 2.0.52
chrome 85.0.4183
chromedriver 85.0.4183
docker 19.03.13
docker-compose 1.27.4
firefox 81.0.0
go 1.15.2
google cloud sdk 311.0.0
gradle 6.6
heroku 7.43.2
leiningen 2.9.4
maven 3.6.3
node 12.18.4 (default)
node 14.8.0
openjdk 1.8
openjdk 11.0.8 (default)
python 2.7.17
python 3.8.5
ruby 2.7.1
sbt 1.3.13
yarn 1.22.5

Update: Updated versions of some software - docker from 19.03.12 to 19.03.13, google cloud sdk from 307.0.0 to 311.0.0, node from 12.18.3 to 12.18.4, yarn from 1.22.4 to 1.22.5, go from 1.15 to 1.15.2, docker-compose from 1.26.2 to 1.27.4, Mozilla Firefox from 80.0 to 81.0, chrome and chromedriver (a new build of version 85.0.4183), aws-cli from 2.0.43 to 2.0.52, heroku from 7.42.12 to 7.43.2