Does anyone have any recommendations for inexpensive Docker registries?

I’m presently using Code Fresh as my Docker registry, since they offer a free one. However I have some misgivings about that platform - usernames and image names are publicly scannable in the repo, despite being ostensibly private. The platform does not allow the cataloguing or deleting of images, so it’s not very helpful. I’ve today also had some false failures due to connectivity issues (which, to be fair to them, are rare).

So, a general question, are there any inexpensive registry providers? I have around 10 projects that produce a separate image. Docker Hub is no good, as they get more expensive with the number of repos, despite what will be a relatively light amount of one-user usage.

Failing a provider being available, I imagine that getting a VPS to host a Docker Registry would do the trick. Would a 1G Linux machine run this for low to moderate usage?