Docs should have a canonical MySQL image reference

If I search on Google for “circleci postgres” the top result is a page that has this configuration snippet near the top. Great, here’s your CircleCI-approved database image, here’s your user, here’s how to specify the database. I understand how to connect to this from any application using Postgres.

  • image: circleci/postgres:9.6.2-alpine
    POSTGRES_DB: circle-test_test

If I search for “circleci mysql” the results are not nearly as good. Not only is there no CircleCI image, it appears to point to images hosted by some random Github user??? Why is the official documentation pointing to this with no explanation? Why do I want to do “delayed” anything, I want the image to come up right away.

  • image: tkuchiki/delayed-mysql
    MYSQL_DATABASE: circleci

The second result for “circleci mysql” is this forum post, which doesn’t have a good answer either, just configuration files that the posters say don’t actually work. Config CircleCI for mysql database

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Hi Kevin. Thanks for raising this, I’ve filed an issue with the docs team

CircleCI does have a MySQL image, the details are here