Docker image build is 3 times slower than the normal build

I’ve received a response from them. They recommended using machine executors. As mentioned by @eliasdorneles the problem persists even with machine executors.
This is what I’ve tried:
Comparison of build time (the npm run build command):

Docker executor: 14783ms + 21555ms = 36338ms (36.33 seconds in total)
Machine executor-docker build command: 25194ms + 42171ms = 67365ms (67.365 seconds in total)
Machine executor-docker run command: 25188ms + 43326ms = 68514ms (68.514 seconds in total)

Added config.yml

We are stuck with building more slowly on the remote docker executor. At least when using webpack to build the bundle.

This is the final mail received from them:

Do you agree that the remote docker machine are slower than the docker executor?

For your use case I would agree, based on all the metrics we’ve reviewed together in this ticket, that compiling your application is faster on the docker executor.

Is it possible to have access to remote docker machine of the same performance as the docker executor? It will speed-up our tests significantly.

No, that is not possible.

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