[Docker executor] cimg/node wrong Operating System?

Hi all!

Could someone help me understand which OS cimg/node Docker images created by CircleCI actually use?

Working with cimg/node:18.17.1-browsers, which use the LTS node.js version, seems to use Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS as the OS.

Is it the right OS, or should it be the current Ubuntu LTS version that is Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS?

The image you are working with is designed to supply a known version of node, not Ubuntu, so 18.17.1 is the node version.

how can I have cimg/node with ubuntu 22.04 ?

You can find the list of images here

The Ubuntu release is shown by clicking “show more” in the “INSTALLED SOFTWARE” section.

It should be noted that the original poster was showing the version of the OS instance used to start up the environment. the cimg/node instance is a docker container and so runs its own instance of Ubuntu.