Docker buildkit available in 18.09?

Here it was stated that 18.09 will be available in Q2/2019. According to the docs it is available. Does that mean I can use the docker build enhancement such as the --secrets flag in circleci?

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@alexey do u guys have any update on this??? Thank you!

This is still a work in progress.

Why does the docs suggest it is working?

Have you tried a Machine executor with latest Docker on it? I imagine this will get you what you need. The minor downside is that you have to write a few more commands to pull the Docker images you need, but that should not be too onerous.

Someone on twitter found a way to make buildkit work:

However, setup_remote_docker version “18.09.3-ce” doesn’t seem to be supported anymore (but version “18.09.3” is). Here’s basically the code I used to make it work:

      - image: docker:18.09.6
      - checkout
      - setup_remote_docker:
          version: 18.09.3
      - run: [my build script]

@halfer Doesn’t work on machine image :frowning:

@alexey @rohara any new updates on this? It would be super helpful